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Event date: 4/29/2012

Event location: Cloverleaf Baptist Church

4401 Manslick Rd,

Louisville, KY 40216

Time: 1:00-3:00 PM

All church growth starts with prayer and communion with Christ because He is the head of the church and He initiates it. Moreover, as Christians we cannot do anything unless we are cooperating with divine action. Our church, the United Sudanese Christian Church in cooperation with other Sudanese local churches in our region have been led by God to work toward owning a church which will unite us together. This is a “God given dream” that we come together as His children under one roof and in headship of His Son Jesus Christ. As God called us together to do His work, we will present to you His plans and fund raising already underway. We pray that the accomplishment of this task will bring glory to God and blessing to His people wherever they might be.

Your prayers and attendance in this event are greatly appreciated.

In our Lord’s service,

John Deng Ater, Pastor.